The Fight Against CPS Corruption





LEGAL DISCLAIMER - The information on this website and information given by members of the Fight for Lilly Foundation DOES NOT constitute legal advice. We are not attorneys and do not have a license to practice law. 

The information has been placed on this site in the hopes that it might provide options and information to parents and families that may be useful in battles against Child Protective Services, or in any kind of family court proceeding.  

The information here has been gathered from various sources, including from attorneys, former social workers, judges, providers, legal websites, and other families who have dealt with the Family Law system.

We strongly suggest consulting with a real attorney if you can, and only use the information on this site to help your family make educated decisions.

 If You Fight Them

This site was created to help expose the realities of the corruption found within the Child Welfare system in the United States and other countries around the world, as well as teach parents how to fight back against the harmful system that is destroying their lives and their families.

The realities of the information found here might be difficult for some to understand or even believe. It goes against everything most people were ever taught about Child Protective Services and the Family Law systems. It is up to each individual visitor to determine the truth and to choose whether or not to utilize the information found on this site. 

Corruption can be found in all of the players involved in the family court system, from CPS investigators, social workers, and supervisors to service providers, attorneys, and judges, etc. 

This is to not say that ALL players in the family court system have been corrupted, that there isn't need for Child Protection within our communities, or that the information here applies to everyone who holds any of these types of positions. Most of the players are just doing what they are told, or what they were trained to do, and until faced with the realities of what their jobs entail, they assume that they are not doing anything wrong, and believe they are actually helping most families.

Being a social worker, or a judge, etc, is a job. It is a personal, moral, decision whether or not to participate in the corruption and that has nothing to do with the job itself. Each individual person that holds any of these positions must make their own decision.

That decision is found in the actions of the person, not the duties of the job, or demands of the employer.

It is our hopes that through awareness of the corruption found in Child Welfare, parents and families can be prepared to deal with such corruption. and that those faced with the ethical question of their employment option will QUESTION THEIR PAYCHECK.